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We represent hard work, time spent, and intellectual fishing! We offer Trophy Trout fishing at the highest of levels! We offer 100% satisfaction as our GOAL and safety is our highest priority! Our guides are experienced, licensed and fully insured for each individual adventure. And yes every single trip will be its own adventure. Pennsylvania wild brown trout are some of the mightiest and smartest wild trout that tight lines can hold! With Brown Trout Addiction you will get the full experience, food, FISH, and fun! So come enjoy the Pennsylvania wilds as much as we do and catch the fish of a lifetime!


FlyFIshing Gear

Fly choice being a 9' 5wt fly rod with nymphs and streamers as primary presentation choice, early season. Then dry fly mid to late season.

Bait choice being spinners, live minnows, wax worms, butter worms on light tackle. Using 7' and 10' 6 ultra light rods.


Guiding Guidelines

The purchase or ownership of a PA fishing license is required! All tackle, fly and spin, will be provided. But each guest is responsible for bringing their own waders or hip boots if they choose to enter the water. Finally there will be a $150.00 deposit that is NON REFUNDABLE!


Don Cameroni

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Contact Info.
Brown Trout Addiction
118 Thompson Rd. Kersey PA, 15846
Located in the HEART of the:
Phone #: (814)-512-7891

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